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Cybernorms Research Group (, is a research group within the field of Sociology of Law that aims to explore the norm creating processes (social and legal) that appear in the wake of the changing information technology. First and formost it is about exploring the gap and the distance that today is at risk of emerging between the traditional society’s rules and the social norms that are generated within the framework of young net cultures.

Lund University Internet Institute (, is a multidisciplinary platform within Lund University dealing with digitisation from a number of perspectives. LUii was established in 2012 and has its headquarters in the Castle of Landskrona, Sweden, also known as the Citadel.

My scientific publications:
Svensson, Måns; Larsson, Stefan; de Kaminski, Marcin (forthcoming). The Research Bay – Studying the global file sharing community. In IP in Context: Law and Society Perspectives on Intellectual Property.

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de Kaminski, Marcin; Svensson, Måns; Larsson, Stefan; Alkan Olsson, Johanna, et al. (2013). Studying Norms and Social Change in a Digital Age: Identifying and Understanding a Multidimensional Gap Problem In . Baier, Matthias (Ed.). Social and Legal Norms: Towards a Socio-legal Understanding of Normativity, 309 – 330: Ashgate Publishing

Larsson, Stefan; Svensson, Måns; de Kaminski, Marcin (2012). Online Piracy, Anonymity and Social Change – Deviance Through Innovation In Convergence: The International Journal of Research into New Media Technologies, 1 – 20: SAGE

Larsson, Stefan; Svensson, Måns; de Kaminski, Marcin; Rönkkö, Kari, et al. (2012). Law, Norms, Piracy and Online Anonymity – Practices of de-identification in the global file sharing community In Journal of Research in Interactive Marketing: Special Issue on Digital Piracy, 6, (4), 260 – 280: Emerald

Lögdlund, Ulrik and Marcin de Kaminski (2011). Digital Neighbourhoods: A sociological perspective on the forming of self-feeling online. In Dunkels, Elza; Franerg, Gun-Marie; Hallgren, Camilla (eds). Youth Culture and Net Culture: Online Social Practices, 97-111: IGI Global