Marcin de


Policy Specialist

> About me

I’m a Policy Specialist on Freedom of Expression and ICT at Sida, the Swedish International Development Cooporation Agency, where I mainly work with strengthening the agency’s efforts on internet freedom and freedom of expression. I’m based at the Sida HQ in Stockholm, Sweden.

Being a sociologist and doctoral candidate at the Dep. of Sociology of Law at Lund University where my research focuses on social movements on the Internet and the clash between legal and social norms on the net and away from keyboard, my expertise is focused on understanding the possibilities (and challenges) of using the Internet for social change.

Previously, I’ve also been a long time net activist, mainly involved in the pro internet think tank Juliagruppen (The Julia Group). I have been co-founder, coordinator and facilitator of many progressive projects and campaigns related to Internet freedom issues.

For a quick re-run of my first 20something years online, check out this awesome article that was made by the Swedish magazine Jusektidningen: “Marcin de Kaminski – uppkopplad demokratikämpe“.